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VPS Hosting India by B4U

VPS Hosting Services in India with Managed Support

B4U India offers VPS server hosting with fully managed VPS hosting support services. Our VPS packages start as low as INR Rs. 1980 per month only with powerful features such as managed support services, root level / administrative level access, guaranteed RAM, virtual CPU core, RAID protected hard drive space, 99.9% network uptime guarantee, industry level best technical support for the day to day help and server maintenance, cPanel control panel support, Plesk control panel support, software firewall and dedicated IP address support with every VPS server.

Linux VPS Hosting

24*7 Hrs. Technical Support
  • Linux Operating System
  • 500 Mbps Network Port
  • 24*7 Managed Technical Support
  • R1Soft Remote VPS Backups
  • Plesk Panel (For Linux) or cPanel Control Panel
  • 24* 7 hrs. Server Monitoring
  • Fast Order Processing
Linux VPS (click Here to view plans)

Windows VPS Hosting

24*7 Hrs. Technical Support
  • Windows 2008 / 2012 R2 OS
  • 500 Mbps Network Port
  • 24*7 Managed Technical Support
  • R1Soft Remote VPS Backups
  • Plesk Panel (For Windows) Control Panel
  • 24*7 hrs. Server Monitoring
  • Fast Order Processing
Windows VPS (click Here to view plans)

The importance of VPS Hosting India for any website?

To increase the efficiency of your site, you have to get a VPS or dedicated server services. In the internet world, there is a range of types of hosting solutions that self-employed individuals can choose from. Since the dedicated server is bit costly option and not all, do have a high budget for web hosting service thus importance of VPS hosting India comes in the role.

B4U India deals in both Linux VPS hosting as well as Windows VPS hosting and our VPS hosting packages starts as low as INR Rs. 1980/month only.

What’s VPS Hosting and how does this Work?

VPS hosting stands for the virtual server a server where you don’t bear the entire hardware fee to be paid by you only instead the hardware cost is divided based on system resources in between more than one customer. As a result, everyone of a customer of VPS hosting provider gets a virtual private server with root/administrative level access.

There are many technologies for virtualization out there in the market such as HyperV, KVM, OpenVZ, Xen, etc. Out of which at B4U India we prefer to have HyperV which is a Microsoft’ technology for Virtualization due to its stability and reliability concerns.

What is better for VPS hosting in India or overseas?

If you are having lots of userbase from India then, of course, you shall not prefer any other option than to go with Indian VPS only. However if in case you have global userbase or if you have budget issues then going for EU or USA based servers can be a good option as you can get better VPS price plans in EU & USA as compared with India. So one has to decide it accordingly.


Is it profitable to start a VPS hosting business in India?

It all depends on your business strategy or plan you have to sell VPS server in India. If you have any bulk VPS server requirement or planning to have mass level of VPS selling business of your own then please call us at +91 7727867101 or email us at [email protected] and one of our senior VPS sales team experts can further communicate you to understand and make a plan which suits you and your requirements the best.

Exclusive Features of our VPS hosting Plans

24*7 hrs. free managed technical support

B4U India is known for its fast and speedy managed technical support. Anytime you order a VPS server with any of control panel addon selected then it includes free managed support.


FREE Plesk Web Admin License

With every VPS server, you get ten domains hosting allowed Plesk Web Edition license free. So no need to pay separately for control panel addon to host a small number of websites. Anytime if you want to host more websites that time you can order higher Plesk license.


Remote backup addon

At small fee of Rs. 1000 per month extra you can get daily automated remote backup of your VPS server with automated email reports. Also the important thing to note here is our remote backups are stored in totally differenet data center so its a geo redundant backup solution.

E-commerce Compatible

All of our VPS servers are compatible with any e-commerce platform. You can anytime order SSL or up to 10 additional dedicated IP you need like. Our VPS server supports all leading e-commerce platform such as ZenCart, OSCommerce, CubeCart, WHMCS, OpenCart, Magento, etc.


What is a VPS Server?

VPS server is a private server of a customer with us with virtually dedicated system resources. Every VPS have its isolated Operating system and root /admin level access. Now even if you low budget, you can order a VPS server instead of a dedicated server to still have your separate private server with the small budget.


Some of the significant advantages of VPS hosting services that include but not limited to:

  • You get plenty of storage space with VPS server as compared with shared hosting plans.
  • You get your separate operating system with VPS Server, so goodbye to shared hosting where the same OS is shared among all other shared hosting accounts.
  • Unlike the dedicated server, most of the time you can upgrade your VPS Server anytime you need like generally requires a reboot and only by paying the differential fee you can upgrade at any time you need like.
  • You can install any custom software as it is your private server.
  • You can change any of the server configuration based on the requirements of your web or software application since it is your separate server.
  • If your web application needs excessive high system resources and you don’t have the high budget to afford a dedicated server, then VPS server is the best option for you to run your such high system resources required web application.
  • In shared hosting you can’t get remote desktop access however in VPS server you get administrative level access to the remote desktop of the server, so that makes you own your server.
  • at B4UIndia you get 24/7 technical support along with 3rd party automatic server monitoring included with every VPS Server.
  • at B4UIndia by paying some extra small fee, you can even get daily remote backup to the different data center of your VPS data.

We have tried to outline some of the major benefits of VPS hosting in India. All these benefits have their importance for the user. So what are you waiting for? Hurry up! Order your VPS server today @


Which control panel you offer with VPS Server?

We offer industry leading control panel such as Plesk & cPanel. With Linux VPS you have both cPanel and Plesk control panel options, and with Windows VPS you can have Plesk control panel.


Do you offer any free control panel?

Ans: Yes, with every virtual private server ordered you get ten domains allowed Plesk Web Edition license free included.


Can I upgrade my VPS Server anytime?

Ans: Yes, you can anytime upgrade to higher VPS server plans. In most of the cases, VPS upgrades are processed with just a small VPS reboot required.


Is there any VPS upgrade fee?

Ans: No. We don’t charge any VPS upgrade fee as far as upgrade is on the same infrastructure.


What kind of support do you offer at B4UIndia?

Ans: You get free 24*7 hrs. Managed technical support as far as you order VPS server with Plesk or cPanel control panel addon.


I am new to VPS Server, can I still order it with you?

Ans: Yes why not! All of our VPS Server plans comes with free managed technical support and thus you do not need any server management expertise, and our techs are 24*7 hrs. available and happy to help you on any technical issues.


Why shall I order VPS with North America / France Location even if my visitors are from India?

Ans: There are various reasons some of the important ones are:
1. World’s #3 Internet host for infrastructure
2. Unlimited Bandwidth
3. Free managed support
4. Free Plesk Web Admin Edition license control panel included
5. R1soft remote backup addon available

Please note we can’t offer that much useful features and exclusive service points with even any leading data center in India that is why we highly recommend our North America / France VPS server plans for even Indian customers too for better performance and hardware infrastructure features.

Which VPS server I shall order for fast speed from India?
Ans: Our France location VPS server shall work fine for websites having high Indian traffic.


How are you going to help for Latency issue for Indian site visitors?

Ans: If you have a high amount of traffic from Indian ISPs on your website then instead of India location VPS we will recommend you signup for a free CDN account. They offer free CDN using that you can host your website on a server with North America / France server with us, but still you will be accessed and made available by Cloudflare from 100+ location throughout the world.

So using CloudFlare CDN you can have your site accessible faster all over the world then why to speedit up for one place only!. Cloudflare already has three location of their CDN Server in India which are New Delhi, Chennai, and Mumbai. Based on your website visitors’ location CloudFlare will auto-deliver your site from nearby CDN server this is how CDN works and all that for free. You can do the same in more details from

Please note we have Cloudflare Experts in our team, so our technical staff is 24*7 hrs online and will be happy to assist you in enabling CloudFlare CDN on your website if that is required.