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Managed Windows VPS Services by B4U

Managed Windows VPS Services by B4U

Fully Managed Windows VPS Hosting services in India

B4U India is one of leading managed Windows VPS hosting service provider in India. You can get the Windows VPS server at the best price in comparison to the prices being offered in the Indian web hosting market. We setup Windows VPS server on KVM or Microsoft Hyper-V Virtualization platform. You can prefer to go with Windows VPS server instead of dedicated Windows server in case you want to go for a budget option with dedicated system resources.

We are well aware of the fact that restricting the end cost is one of the important activities practiced in the business operation these days. We offer you different plans of Windows VPS servers as it will benefit your website for business to gain popularity in the market. The remote desktop access and strategic services at the point of administration will assist you in gaining the lead over your competitors in the market.

VPS Plan-A

60 GB Disk Space
500 GB Bandwidth/month
2 vCPU
1 Dedicated IPs
FREE 24*7 Hrs. Managed Support
FREE 24*7 Server Monitoring
root / admin level access
SSH / Remote Desktop access
Customer can install any Software
Plesk / cPanel - addon
Plesk Supported Components (click here)
Linux / Windows OS Options
1 Month - Rs. 1700 ($26.1)/month
1 Year - Rs. 1558 ($23.9)/month
(All Price includes 24*7 Managed Technical Support & 24*7 hrs. monitoring)

VPS Plan-B

120 GB Disk Space
1000 GB Bandwidth/month
3 vCPU
2 Dedicated IPs
FREE 24*7 Hrs. Managed Support
FREE 24*7 Server Monitoring
root / admin level access
SSH / Remote Desktop access
Customer can install any Software
Plesk / cPanel - addon
Plesk Supported Components (click here)
Linux / Windows OS Options
1 Month - Rs. 2500 ($38.5)/month
1 Year - Rs. 2291 ($35.2)/month
(All Price includes 24*7 Managed Technical Support & 24*7 hrs. monitoring)

VPS Plan-C

250 GB Disk Space
2500 GB Bandwidth/month
4 vCPU
3 Dedicated IPs
FREE 24*7 Hrs. Managed Support
FREE 24*7 Server Monitoring
root / admin level access
SSH / Remote Desktop access
Customer can install any Software
Plesk / cPanel - addon
Plesk Supported Components (click here)
Linux / Windows OS Options
1 Month - Rs. 3500 ($53.8)/month
1 Year - Rs. 3208 ($49.4)/month
(All Price includes 24*7 Managed Technical Support & 24*7 hrs. monitoring)

VPS Plan-D

500 GB Disk Space
5000 GB Bandwidth/month
8 vCPU
4 Dedicated IPs
FREE 24*7 Hrs. Managed Support
FREE 24*7 Server Monitoring
root / admin level access
SSH / Remote Desktop access
Customer can install any Software
Plesk / cPanel - addon
Plesk Supported Components (click here)
Linux / Windows OS Options
1 Month - Rs. 5000 ($76.9)/month
1 Year - Rs. 4583 ($70.6)/month
(All Price includes 24*7 Managed Technical Support & 24*7 hrs. monitoring)

With our every Windwos VPS server we offer the following superb features:

  • Free – 24*7 hrs. managed technical support
  • Free – 24*7 hrs. server monitoring
  • Windows 2008 R2, Windows 2012 R2, Windows 2016 all OS options
  • Powerful hardware used for VPS Servers – with upto 12 Cores & 48 Threads & 48GB RAM
  • Raid protected drive space
  • Industry leading R1soft backup addon avaialble at very reasonable price
  • Average ticket attendance time less than 1 hour to ensure fast technical support.
  • Host server having 1Gbps network port to ensure best speed
  • Plans upto 8 vCPU for super powerful VPS servers
  • root or admin level SSH/ Remote desktop access
  • You can install any customer software if you want.
  • Industry leading both Plesk control panel addon options

Managed Windows VPS Hosting at B4U India

Our managed Windows VPS packages includes managed support for administrator level remote desktop access, initial OS and control panel installation, server updates, free reboots, control panel updates, hardware related issues, network level issues and basic level technical support for Windows VPS server.

Operating System Installation: We will have the basic OS installation process done including the control panel on your server.

Note:  Any user’s generated issues/errors will be counted as Value added services in Managed support and charges may be extra for such issue solutions, if any. If you buy managed support services then we will attempt to support even third-party software at our level best but cannot guarantee anything for third-party software(s).


Windows VPS Addons

24*7 Hrs. Managed Technical Support:

In this addon our technical team is 24*7 hrs available via email for any technical issue related to server side software(s). So our technical support team will help you with server side software related issues such as MySQL, MSSQL, Apache, Mail Server or any other related technical issues related to server side softwares. Please note that our average reply time is less than 60 minutes only even most of the queries are resolved within matter of few minutes from time of sending technical query via email. Managed technical support is available for FREE as far as customer order VPS server with Plesk control panel. Any VPS ordered without control panel will be unmanaged server (hardware and networking support from our side) only.


Control Panel & Control Panel Addons

Plesk 12 – Web Admin License (Up to 10 domains for hosting your own sites): Rs. 300 per month

Plesk 12 – Web Pro License (Up to 30 domains for hosting customer sites) :  Rs. 475 per month

Plesk 12 – Web Host License (Unlimited domains for hosting & reselling sites) : Rs. 875 per month

Plesk Power Pack (Required for MSSQL Integration with Plesk): Rs. 500 per month


Windows OS Addon Options

Windows 2012 R2 Standard Edition – Rs. 1150 / month

Windows 2016 R2 Standard Edition – Rs. 1500 / moth

Windows 2008 R2 Standard Edition – Rs. 1900 / month



What if I do not buy Plesk Power Pack?

ans: If you do not buy Plesk Powerpack then you have to manage your database remotely using MSSQL Management Studio installed on your VPS Remote Desktop. So if you can manage MSSQL that way then you don’t need to buy Plesk Power Pack addon.


Which Plesk edition you shall buy?

Ans: Please compare different Plesk editions and their features from

Note: Due to security reasons, technical feature wise and as per our expertise area wise we recommend Plesk control panel to users who want to host many websites.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Windows VPS Services

Question: Do you provide remote desktop access on Windows VPS?
Answer: Yes, you will be provided administrator logins and Remote desktop access to your Windows VPS.


Question: Can I install require software through RDP?

Answer: Yes you can install any software via remote desktop as you will be having administrator level remote desktop access. But please note we do not allow any illegal or pirated software on any of our hosting services or servers.


Question: Can I host unlimited website in vps?
Answer: Yes, you can anytime buy Unlimited domains allowed Plesk license to host unlimited domains with your Plesk Windows VPS with us.


Question: Do you have any limit in vps?
Answer: Please refer to our Terms of service at (click here) for any such details, or you can contact us anytime at [email protected]


Question: What is the difference between shared hosting and VPS?
Answer: Shared hosting is recommended for small websites only. With VPS server you get your virtual dedicated server where you can host your data on separate dedicated RAM, dedicated IP and your separate Operating system with your software data on it.


Question: What is a VPS?
Answer: A VPS is virtual private server works like a dedicated server but is recommended for budget and other benefits as compared with dedicated servers.


Question: What are the benefits if I choose VPS hosting?
Answer: You get your server as starts as low as Rs. 1700 per month only. While dedicated server price ranges can be higher.


Question: How long will it take to activate my VPS?
Answer: All Windows VPS orders are processed with high priority however still to install Windows OS updates and other required software/tools it may take somewhere 1 to 2 business days to have VPS delivered to customer.


Question: How can I monitor the processes running on my server and the CPU load?
Answer: You can anytime check your resources usages via Remote Desktop > Task manager or via Plesk control panel.


Question: Do you offer free Plesk control panel with VPS?
Answer: No, but you can buy smallest Plesk panel license of Web Admin @ Rs. 300 per month under which you can host upto 10 domains.


Question: Do you offer a free trial period in VPS?
Answer: No, due to nature of digital services we do not offer any free trial or testing period. However there is no long term commitment required all VPS can be ordered for minimum one-month term and can be renewed every month basis by customer if necessary.


Question: Do you do backups of the data for VPS users?
Answer: You can either manage data backups of your VPS at your end timely basis that is FREE. If you want we can also provide 100 GB managed (from customer side) remote FTP account where you can timely upload your data manually yourself. Or we also offer Premium R1soft automated backup services starts as low as Rs. 1500 + 15% Service tax per month.


Question: What happens if I reach my bandwidth limit in vps?
Answer: You can upgrade to higher bandwidth plan.


Question: Do you provide managed vps?
Answer: Yes we offer managed technical support for your help however that is free only as far as your server is ordered with any of the Plesk control panel options.


Question: Which virtualization technology do you use?
Answer: Based on availability of hardware the VPS are setup over KVM or HyperV.


Question: What is location of VPS server?
Answer: VPS server are located in USA.


Question: What if I need VPS in India location?
Answer: Due to high end configuration and infrastructure of our USA data center we highly recommend that you prefer our USA location VPS. However if you are concerned to your local country visitors you can still signup for a free Cloudflare account and can enable free Global CDN on your website to have your website working globally using locally hosted CDN server. Cloudflare offer free CDN and content is delivered from nearby CDN server and from more than 40+ locations globally. Details at You can always feel free to contact our technical team at [email protected] if you need any technical assistance related to Cloudflare CDN integration of your website. Also for any specific reasons if you are still strict to India location VPS only then you can order the same from


Question: Can I order extra disk later?
You can upgrade your VPS plan to higher plan anytime.


Question: How many dedicated IP I get per Windows VPS?
Answer: We provide 1 dedicated IP per VPS server as default depending on package limits. However anytime if you need extra dedicated IP the same by paying Rs. 120 per month extra per dedicated IP.



Question: Can I discontinue managed support addon later?
Answer: No. Managed support addon can’t be removed in future. If you need Unmanaged server you need to order it separately as new VPS server only. Any managed server cannt be converted to unmanaged server later.


Question: What is your uptime SLA?
Answer: Every VPS comes with 99.9% network uptime guarantee.  


Question: What is benefit to order Windows VPS with Plesk control panel?
Answer: If you want to host websites on your VPS server we will highly recommend server to be ordered with managed support and Plesk control panel. For your convenience we already offer 10 domains Plesk control panel @ Rs. 300 per month only with every Windows VPS. When you order VPS with Plesk control panel then DNS server, IIS server, Mail Server, Webmail, FTP server etc will be preinstalled and that will save your time and also you can add/edit or manage your web hosting account easily  via online Plesk control panel.


Question: What if I don’t know how to operate Plesk control panel?
Answer: If you order your VPS with Plesk control panel addon then you get 24*7 hrs. managed technical support addon, where we have our staff available for your technical assistance 24*7 hrs via email with fast reply time. We also have wide range of steps in our official KB for Plesk operations as well as Plesk also offer their own docs which can be accessible from


Question: Can I upgrade my VPS plan anytime to higher plans?
Answer: Yes you can upgrade your Windows VPS anytime to higher plan by paying the difference fee.


Question: How much downtime it will take to upgrade my Windows VPS?
Answer: For such query you can feel free to contact our support team at [email protected] as depending on stock availability of that time required best options will be provided.


Question: Can I downgrade my VPS?
Answer: No, downgrade of VPS is not possible. However you can anytime order a new Windows VPS if that is required.


Question: Which version of MSSQL, IIS, MySQL or Plesk will be provided?
Answer: For any such technical queries its better that you can discuss with our technical team your custom requirements at [email protected] and they can assist you or setup your order according to your specific needs.


Important Notes:

– Base price of our billing system is in INR (Indian Rupee) thus above noted USD prices are approximate value of our services based on 1 USD = 65 INR. However at time of placing order in USD on our website, conversion rates are decided based on latest conversion rates.

– 15 % Service Tax is additionally applicable on above noted all prices to India located customers only.